Sunday 22.04.18

The Sunday started with a fortifying breakfast at the hotel, because we needed that at this morning. We went to the Janosikove Diery hike, a route through the Fatra on the Maly-Rozsutec up to 1300 m altitude. On the way up you had to prove your climbing skills and was not allowed to be hesitant, but always got to see beautiful waterfalls and untouched nature. At the top, the group split, because some of us wanted to go higher. After a long and difficult descent of both groups, the alleged "shorter and easier" path turned out to be a bigger challenge. Although some have struggled with altitude, everyone made it down again. Quickly we looked for an open restaurant, since the water reserves were used up after 5.5 hours hike. After this exhausting day, all climbers fell exhausted into bed until it returned to school the next morning.


2017/18 - Project Meteorological Station

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