Micro Controller Programming

"Not today," we thought when it came to programming. However, a student of the school, Marek Kraus managed to get us excited about the subject.

It started with a little introduction to microcontroller programming. He showed us how we should set up the development environment with all its components and provided us with the necessary software components. Furthermore, he explained in detail the source code he created and told us to write his own sample solutions.

The next step in programming should be to integrate the LC display. We realized the associated text output. Here were a few funny events, as well as some funnier texts were entered in trial trials.

When this was done, it was about programming the interior sensors for air pressure and temperature. Again, Marek helped us and you could see it as quickly finished.

The next day we went to the "Programming Cave", the classroom of Ján Hôrecký. First, we connected all the necessary components with his help and started programming the real-time clock. When this was completed, we talked with Mr. Hôrecký about everyday matters and helped him to refresh his German language skills.

On Tuesday, 24.04.2018, with the help of Marek, we completed the programming of the weather station by including the outdoor sensor.

For this purpose we created a website on our own, on which the data of the weather station are also displayed.

Thus we could consider the subproject "programming" as finished.


2017/18 - Project Meteorological Station

2017/18 - Freetime Activities