With little experience in this subproject, we started directly on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 with an introduction to 3D modeling in SketchUp by Matej Opálený.

After explaining briefly how to create, process and realize the basic shapes, we were thrown into the cold water. We should design and create our own ideas for the various components of the weather station in order to print them with Matej's help.

It was a challenge to measure the individual components down to the smallest detail. Transferring this presented challenges that needed to be overcome, which was only a matter of time before it was successfully implemented.

In several days of work and various failed attempts came at the end of a result, which can be seen in our opinion. We had this printed in different stages of Matej and were proud of our result.

Thus, we could consider the subproject "3D printing and modeling" as completed.


2017/18 - Project Meteorological Station

2017/18 - Freetime Activities