On Thursday, the 20th September 2018 first got all project participants an introduction to soldering.
Afterwards, the hardware team could start directly with the first preparations for the project.
The ESP32 microcontroller was soldered to a circuit board. From this board then lead all cables to the individual components.
Friday was the start of the hardware team. The task was to solder the test boards so that the programmers could start to test how they could control the individual components. The soldering work went quite well from the hand and at the end of the day three test objects were finished. The final board was also started. On the test boards was the ESP32, four LEDs and the power supply. Furthermore, it is possible to connect a motion sensor.
On Monday the second week, the team started planning how to properly fit the cables in the project. At the end of the day, the plan was complete and prepared.
Later in the second week, the first LEDs and cables were installed in the almost finished 3D model. It was very time-consuming to connect the many cables with all components.
At the same time, the hardware on the board was soldered ready. One of our project participants had an accident, which ended in the emergency department in the hospital. Fortunately, it was only a burn of the fingertip.
With the completion of the 3D model, the hardware team was able to route the cables underground through the holes in the floor slab to the garage. Here the cables were finally connected to the ESP32.


2018/19 - Project "Smart Home"

2018/19 - Freetime Activities