The Final

The result of our work is a 3D model of a "smart home". The house contains sensors and actuators. The house can be remotely controlled via an app developed by us.
There is an LED in every room in the house. All LEDs can be switched on and off via a smartphone app, but also via a button.
The house also has a temperature and humidity sensor. The values ​​of the sensor are displayed both on a display on the house and on the smartphone app.
Recently, a motion sensor has been integrated outside the house. When moving, a bright LED illuminates the entrance area.
On 27.09.2018 we presented our project to the main responsible of the host school. Everyone was very enthusiastic about how high quality and mature our final result was.
A special thanks again to all who have supported us in this great project !!!

Project Aftermovie

2018/19 - Project "Smart Home"

2018/19 - Freetime Activities