Thursday 27.09.2018

Thursday was the day that we finished the smart home project. In the morning we drove to the school for a last time. After last small tasks were finished we drove into the city center
of Banská Bystrica to have lunch. Afterwards we had one more task to do. During last weeks city tour we had to take notes abour Banská Bystricas history and its sights. Today we had
to do the city tour as guides for the 2 teachers from the Andreas-Gordon-Schule that arrived yesterday.
When we were finished, we drove back to the hotel to prepare our presentation in the evening. Around 19 o'clock we started with our presentation, therefor the principal and some teachers
came to our hotel to watch our presentation. During the following dinner we had a nice time with our Slovak friends.

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2018/19 - Project "Smart Home"

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