Wednesday 19.09.2018

Our day started again at 8 o'clock with breakfast at the hotel and later we went to school to keep working

at our project.
In the afternoon we drove to Zvolen where we started our mountain hike to the castle ruin Pustý hrad,
together with 2 teachers from the Slovak school.
Although the route up the mountain was difficult, we were rewarded with a beautiful view from the top of the mountain.
After taking a lot of photos up there we went the same way back.
When we arrived back at our starting point we drove to Banská Bystrica, to have dinner in a typical Slovak restaurant.
One of the typical main dishes there was Bryndzové halušky. These are like German Spaetzle with sheep cheese and bacon.
When we were finished we drove back to our hotel to finish the day off.


2018/19 - Project "Smart Home"

2018/19 - Freetime Activities